Jun 4, 2009

A wonderful Day

Have i mentioned before that my Mistress is a "switch"?
Hm... Please forgive me, i forgot...
Well, for explanation: a switch is someone who needs to be both: dominant and submissive. And as much as my Mistress enjoys being a Mistress, she enjoys to serve as a slave. And She likes the thrill of being "sold" at an auction.
By such an event She has found a new Master for a week now - by contract this means 20 hrs plus what she is willing to add.

Short after i logged in and greeted Her, She tp'd me to His place. Master Vincent is a nice and experienced dominant man who i quickly felt comfortable with, so i didn't bother when He started teasing Mistress sexually and asked me questions i would have blushed like a tomato if someone else had asked them.
Suddenly i was told to also start teasing Mistress and to undress, and since Mistress said it were up to me to follow or to say stop, i decided to obey. When did i ever have the chance to tease my Mistress before? Even sexually? *grins mischievously*

Wow it WENT far.
Short time after we began, Master Vincent excused Himself and vanished, leaving us alone. With time, it went so far, i would have orgasmed in RL if Master Thorin (my RL fiancee) hadn't come home from His training hours just in the very minute before i could.
**phew - do you know the feeling when you are just on the edge to total bliss, and you get disturbed? An ice-cold shower is nothing compared to it (though needed immediately)**
And *wow* the REAL high you only get being with another girl - men are never able to drive you this high: women just know a female body too well *blush*

I really don't know if Master Thorin would like the idea of his RL girl being sexual with another girl, especially with my Mistress. But He never scolded me for things that i did to please my Mistress -- shouldn't a good slave do anything to please her Mistress? *grin*

Anyways ...
Short time after Mistress and i went home to Temptations, Misty, a former resident there, submitted to my Mistress. Misty has told me for days how she envied me for my life as a slave, so ...
as soon as my Mistress had time (being a sim-owner and having a RL job on the phone does interrupt sometimes) She talked with her, then send me to get her a collar, and accepted her as Her new slave. Wow ..
Yes i am excited. YAY!! Now i have a sister again!
Now i am first girl and will have to help Mistress teach this new girl :) I'm so looking forward to it!


  1. Is that on the wall a Canaletto?

  2. I think so, but i have to check again to be sure :)