Jun 16, 2009

At home again

it took a while to catch up here. Gosh it IS terrible to be disconnected from everyone.
Anyways, after 2 days of catching up by phone, chat, meeting people and in SL, its so good to be home again :)

I enjoyed my time in SL even though i couldn't spend much time with Mistress: her RL job and her other duties in SL didn't allow it. But it's not the quantity but the quality that counts - so i really cannot complain :)

Plus: I could start to build the chapel Misty had ordered and paid for. But well... from planned 35 prims I'm now at nearly 70 - and i'm still looking for the optimal textures

here's a rough draft (as i scribbled it down on paper):

Well, the real building does look different - but in general it's the same principle :) And, it has nothing to do anymore (except the size) with the first raw model i rezzed:

Oh by the way: this is on one of the 50x50 sky platforms above "Thorin's Land", a 4096sqm parcel at the North East corner of Temptations which is O/our home.
On the ground, there is a nice medieval house and (my) well, and a nice landscape including a hidden pier on the very corner with a little boat;

2000m above there is a platform which is my workshop where i build things as long as the prims allow it,

(and the shop will move to Tempting as soon as Mistress has time to deal with it)

on 4000m there is the prison and dungeon where there is a cross, and a cage and the kennel - and more if needed
- and the platforms at 1000m and 3000m are not used yet - no clue what Master Thorin needs them for.

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