Jun 1, 2009

Who is gem?

First name: eighthdwarf (with a lower e as initial)

Second name: Checchinato

Nicknames: eight, 8, gem

day of birth in SL: 2008-02-07

day of birth in RL: 1973-02-17

race of the avatar: human, "caucasian"

gender: female

size in SL (without shoes): 5'3" (1,60m)

Well, in Real Life, my name is not eighthdwarf, and also neither Checchinato nor gem - but since i put so much of my RL personality into my SL personality, there is no reason to know my real name...
But anyway: in Real Life i am a smoker , a coffein junkie, and i like to have a glass of beer or wine every once in a while. Like in SL i like to meet friends - and talk and write in both languages, German and English likewise. Actually i write a lot: at the time being, i re-write a story of mine with the working title "Involuntary Females". I think I will just title it after it's main character "Jona".

Like in SL, i am submissive in RL as well. In RL, i am the sub of my partner, who is known in SL as Thorin Mantel. :) but this is not about RL, only as much as my RL influences SL and vice versa.
Anyways, in SL i am the slave of a Mistress: Lexi Leiner, a very loving and caring woman who earns her money via telephone. I submitted to her on 2008-05-07 and proudly wear Her collar. After 6 months under Her loving rule, i gave Her the gift of total power over me: i installed the RLV. This makes all the normal abilities in SL (like sit/unsit, chat, IM, see, hear, fly, walk, build etc - even access to the own inventory), a privilege my Mistress allows me to use and can always take away from me.

In SL i help people in a CG (Community Gateway, aka Newbie Area), spend time with my Mistress or with friends, dance, and build things that i try to sell under my own label "gem's". Things like these:

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