Jun 2, 2009

Searching for an Income

Well, as long as the items i build (see yesterdays post) don't sell yet inspite of my ads in the forums, and as long as i don't have other incomes in SL, 2000L$ per week for the Land my RL partner Thorin and i are owning is a bit much. Okay it's only 6 Euro - but 6/7x30 = 26 Euro on a stick ... hence i need an income. I'm not a top builder, i can't do scripts or gestures as well - and i don't use voice - so all is left is either waiting for the shop to run, or working as model or dancer.
I visited several stores and clubs tonight ... no models needed, no greeters/receptionists needed, no salespersons needed (well, Bots are much more reliable). So all i got by now is a landmark, a suggestion, and two application notecards... I'm still torn whether or not i should start stripping :(

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