Jan 6, 2011

A Promotion, and News from the Shop Ship

While I made my display name Gem out of a compromise (my slave name, plus upper case for role play reasons) I wondered all the time what my Mistress would say about that. Since Display names can only be changed once a week, I then wanted to change it to gem, lower case, in Her presence, to show my slave status. But my Mistress objected. She even asked if I would want to argue with Her. Of course not. So, my display name stays upper case, and my blog is renamed likewise, and my shop as well :)

Speaking of the shop: the shop ship becomes more and more serious business.
It has it's own logo,

my part in it has it's own shop banner,

(I'm still working on a square logo to advertize only my products too)

and I changed the look of my ad images as well.
from (for example) this:

to THIS look:

Plus, Gorkie uses a Web Ad service to help us advertize both our shops: her SLC  Franchise, and my builds :)
I'm glad that my Mistress gives me enough lenience to let me run my business, to try make Her proud in all things I do.

Jan 2, 2011

Pathfinder's Prediction

My Prediction for Virtual Worlds in 2011

At the end of each calendar year, it’s common for people to offer up their predictions for the new year ahead.
Such predictions are fun to make and fun to read.  Since I mostly swim in the waters of online communities and virtual worlds, most of the predictions I come across have to do with the future of technology.
I have a prediction for the coming year.  And while my prediction involves the technology landscape of virtual worlds, what I predict will happen actually has nothing to do with technology.


Jan 1, 2011

2011 has begun…

 … and of course I made some resolutions for this year, things I want to work on
  • writing, writing, writing - to finish the projects i began, and start new ones.
  • working on my drawing and picture editing skills - and finish the illustrating projects i began
  • building more things in  SL - to let my "~ gem's ~" shop grow, not only in turnover, but also in product number and product range
  • and despite of the above: more activities outdoors - or at least away from a computer or sketchbook
I wish you all the power, patience and endurance to work on the tasks you resolved for this year, and I wish everyone in both, the biological and the digital worlds, as much happiness, health, success, and peace as possible.
May 2011 be one of your best years in life!