Jun 17, 2009

Service in Frankfurt, a Kiss, and RL issues

Today i did not only visit the CG (Community Gateway a.k.a. Welcome Area) in Frankfurt but also served there one hour - yes i call it serving, not working, because i consider it a service when i explain newbies the first steps in SL.

After that i was teleported to the place where my Mistress was: at the skybox of Master Vincent. He made Her and me test some poseballs - and one of the positions He could select from (i think via a HUD or so) was a kiss - so while my Mistress was afk, i could kiss Her right on Her lips.

Well Mistress must have liked it - because She smiled all the time when She was present in SL between the times She had to be present in RL...
Well even though RL pays the money W/we need to live in SL, it sometimes gets in the way of having fun.

1 comment:

  1. It's good to see your having fun with Mistress ). I'm missing you so much to. But I have been writting a few extra blogs on my blogspot for you to read and will do some more tomorrow. It's nice to be on the beach with time to think and write. I will try and intall SL on this computer next time, who knows, I might be lucky.

    Take care sweet Gem, chat soon xxxx