Jun 14, 2009

Family Trip. Day 6: Saturday

... or: Coming Home

Oh my how have i waited for today! As in the last nights, i was awake very early - from 4am i was in the kitchen, smoking, then i went to bed again short before my parents woke up.
I really couldn't sleep anymore.
Anyways, after our good-bye visits Aunt, brother and cousin we had lunch, then my parents acompanied us to the train station in K**.

According to plan, we should arrive in Halle and have about 15 minutes untill the next train would depart - but our luck was bad: the train arrived with delay, 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Of course we didn't catch our train and had to wait for the next connection which was a bit less convenient: instead of changing trains 3 times from Halle, we had to change 5 times now - though the travel time was a half hour shorter. Though we departed from Halle more than one hour later, we arrived at home only 30 minutes later than on the original schedule.

Gosh what is to report from this kind of travel otherwise than having had good talks or a nap every once and then ... Anyways first thing i did after MAster Thorin and i arrived at home was calling my parents that we arrived safely, and putting all the food they gave us into the fridge.

Then, i asked Master Thorin if i could say hello to Mistress and onyx...

He was as tired as i was, and after a shower He kissed me, then went to bed, not wanting to mess around with a computer again for a while.

So it was me who checked the emails, and then i logged into SL.

After a while, onyx and Mistress came online as well and we spent a wonderful night. Oh i was so happy to see them again, it wasn't missing much and i would have cried of joy only because i was there with Mistress and onyx.

Gosh am i really that emotionally dependant of my Mistress? *sigh*

In RL i had to work hard to not laugh out loud when Mistress played with one man who came to see Her after we had a nice time.
This man, Master n**, tried to pretend to be a Gorean Master and a Dom, but had not enough dominance in Him to be equal to Her. After a few minutes i didn't think otherwise that the next thing he would do was to kneel and submit to Her... He didn't do that though - he left with an excuse. *smile*

Then, when i just started to have some strawberries at the desk - i use to have my cigarettes or my coffee or little snacks at the desk that i don't have to leave the keyboard for longer than a few seconds - Mistress gave onyx a task involving strawberries ... I'm still giggling as i write these lines when thinking about this task... *g* strawberries and cherries really are erotic fruits .

Anyway, the tears were flowing when onyx said her good-bye for the next two weeks: she will go to a vacation on Sunday. Even despite i envy her because i've never been where she's heading to, i am sad that she has to leave and will miss her very much.

But at least i could spend a night with her and see that everything was okay.

I realized tonight, that my true home is not only the place i live with Master Thorin in RL - but that it also is in SL as well, where my dear Mistress is all around me.

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