Jun 4, 2009

Why English?

Some of you may ask: Why the heck does this girl write in English if she states to come from Germany?
Well, yes I do come from Germany, and German is my first language - and maybe some of my next blogs even may be written in German (don't know yet).
But, since half of my friends do speak English as first language, and most of the other half of my friends at least understand English as a second or third language, I use this as a possibility to better focus on what I want to say.
How often does it happen that you use slangwords and undescribable abbreviations in a journal when you write it in your first language, or that you use "short message style"? Since I want to avoid this, I am writing this blog in my second language.
Sometimes English blogs are like in short message style or in a kind of Pidgin-English (this fits for German blogs too, in similar ways): then it looks like Lolcats: "y r u doing tis?"

By the way, i wrote my first story in English. Actually i am re-writing it after i saw the necessity to edit and re-write it while i translated it into German. :)

Oh and why do i use the lower-case "i" instead of upper-case "I" when speaking about myself? Well ... maybe you figure this out while reading my blog entries ;)

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  1. Hello, sugar. Nice blog. Have a nice SL and RL too. See you... perhaps in SL?