Jun 13, 2009

Family Trip. Day 3: Wednesday

or, busy and talkative

We woke up by the sound of the laundry machine, which my Mom started while she prepared breakfast. right after breakfast i helped her with the laundry and it was so nice to have a mother-daughter- talk (though it became kind of embarrassing when she mentioned the "biological clock"). She looked somewhat satisfied when i shrugged, replied "when it happens, it happens, i don't plan to become pregnant - but i also don't prevent it", and changed topic.

Thorin helped Dad meanwhile with lunch, and then we went to K**, to the supermarket. On the way back, we stopped at some cherry trees near the borders of R***, that grew on parcels that haven't claimed yet as private land - and harvested some cherries for all of us for dessert.

While i helped mom to get the dry clothes from the dryers, my darling Master Thorin repaired the computer of my parents and copied pictures from their camera to the hard drive. Mom and i even talked about my life in SL while i helped her wash the dishes, and expressed her worries that i probably wouldn't go out often enough in RL.

And she told me that she thought i probably could be bi - and laughed when i just smirked.
"I supposed so", she said - and said she were glad i would only try this out in SL.
When i told her that SL is not a game with computer generated characters, but that there is a human being behind each avatar, her face darkened again, and said i should be careful to not hurt others in both worlds (the physical one and the virtual one) and to not get hurt either.

I guess my parents would even worry about me, their "little redhead", and pray for me when i am 100 and they 135 ;) But i appreciate it and know that's just love.

In the late evening Thorin and i walked a little through the almost enchanted looking forests aroung the village. Tomorrow or theday after that we will take another walk, and take Dad's camera with us.
This was one of those times that make me wish that SL were as real, and Mistress and Onyx could be with us. I miss both of T/them very much.

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