Jun 5, 2009

A faster pace, trouble, and a break

Wow when i remember my first days in training at my Mistress, and when I see what Misty, my new "sister" is experiencing, it seems to be a much faster pace.

Well it is true: different girl different methods, but i was astonished that Misty so quickly accepted the rather uncomfortable position at the binding post, and the "bide" command as first thing in the lesson.

"Bide", by the way is: be in attention, no talking, no emoting, no IMs, "thank you Mistress" or "yes Mistress" etc. To be on bide is your very own imaginary gag on all channels. More than a gag, since you can let out muzzled noises through the gag. Of course, Mistress could enforce this on me using the RLV functions, making me totally mute except for IMs to Her, but where's the point if it doesn't come from my own obedience?
When i was a slave trainee, the first lessons given to my and the sister i had back then, Elli (aka Charm), were rather given in dialog form if i remember correctly. It seems, Mistress now lets me do the explaining and discussing with Misty, and only states things like She is giving a lecture. "Have you understood? Type a dot."

Gosh I really don't like to be on bide, to be not allowed to interact.

We, that means Misty and i, will greet people in Sir Tolya's house, either bound to some tool, or walking around, giving them a tour. We will still be the slaves of my Mistress but serve Her by greeting Her Master's guests as polite and respectful as we can. It's going to be a being shown off: Her girls will be the calling card for House of Ugajin, which is on Her sim. When i told Master Thorin about it He said He might ask my Mistress too to show us off at any event He might give in SL.

I remember the first time when She taught me (and Elli) manners: right after that She went with us to a neighbor parcel and expected us to greet one of Her friends accordingly - and it WAS a difference between "hi X, nice to meet you" and "Greetings, Miss X. This girl wishes you a good afternoon. This girl wishes to add that she feels honored to meet you, Miss X." Phew.
Of course this "this girl" is not a MUST - though it was back then, to show us our place.
Well I know that my Mistress accepts when i talk in first person about me since she sees that it comes from my (RL person) heart, but she also finds it nice when i use "your gem" and third person instead, since it means that i show Her that i know my place. But i disgress.

Anyway, when She was finished with Her lesson, and wanted us to stand up (it was very late, about 3am my time and 2am Misty's time, and She wanted to say us good night) I wasn't able to obey.
No "Stand Up" button there. Well the bad RLV didn't allow it. And when Mistress just deleted the post i was bound to, thr RLV sent Her a "busy mode" message when She tried to tp me elsewhere. I still was bound to the post according to the RLV. And when i went to the adjoining beach on the neighbor sim and tried to tp back it didn't work either. Well... the worse thing happened when i went back and suddenly found myself underneath the entry stairs of the House of Ugajin: I couldn't tp up, and Mistress coulnd't tp me to Her: I had to cheat and re-log with the regular viewer to get out of there, with Her permission of course. When i log in again today (with the RLV of course) i will see if i still am "bound" or if i am able to tp now.

Well, the shop She wanted to go ended up as being not existing anymore (nothing changes as fast as landmarks in SL) so She started again with designing "Ugajin's Dance Place" which is the parcel beside the House of Ugajin. I offered Her to try out an idea of mine, She allowed and when She went offline (RL company), i went and started to build on the empty parcel in the south west corner of the sim.
... then Sir Tolya came and saw me there and ... woo was He angry when He saw me build on something He asked His girl, my Mistress, to design it. Well i told Him that what i tried to build was unsaked for and that my Mistress only knew i would try out an idea - but somehow He did not believe it.

Mentioning RL... today i had a phone call: my fiancee and i are more or less expected for a one week visit at my parents from Sunday on :(
At least my fiancee said we would travel earliest on Sunday because of the elections here.
** sigh **
One week without SL, one week without my Mistress and my new sister :(

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