Jun 13, 2009

Family Trip. Day 2: Monday

or, a postponed night

After one hour of walking, we had a first break. All streets were empty and dark, and my Master saw my puppy eyes, so he gave me a kiss. But he also pulled a leash out of His backpack and connected it to my collar - and walked me for the next 4 blocks.

Oh what a great feeling!
I even crossed my wrists in my back as if i was bound, to fully immerse into it.
Gosh, i felt so great and proud and even wished to be seen like that, despite knowing that Master Thorin did this only because the streets were empty and dark.

And it immediately reminded me of the feeling i have when Mistress walks me and Onyx which made me cherish being walked by Her even more.

Short before we arrived on one of the main streets though, this short trip into dream-world was over. On Main Station we spent the night in a lounge there, having coffee and chatting away, then we bought some rolls and went with one of the first trains to K**. Arrived there, we walked the two miles to my parents home in R*** and woke them up - only to get to bed after having breakfast with them :)

Finally my parents woke us up for supper, then enjoying a bath in the bath tub (at home we have only a shower but not a bathtub), then we talked much unto deep in the night to catch up with everythingin each others' lives. Finally we called it a day and went to bed when my parents did.

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