Jun 7, 2009

Nawty And Nice

or: also slaves can have fun

Last night was such a roller-coaster night for me again. I logged into SL, greeted Mistress and went to my post to Sir Tolya's House. We are there to greet His guests should i have forgotten to mention it.
Well, i just showed Misty the ground floor when i saw on the minimap 2 guests. We went out of thel Library where we've been at that moment and greeted them, then they went upstairs to one of the bedrooms to have their fun.
While i didn't dare to disturb their privacy, Misty suggested i could show her the upper floor and explain everything in IM, so i agreed, and did so.
BAck downstairs, we talked again a little bit, then she said something like: "I wonder what they do there upstairs" - I replied "You don't want to kow" - but we did let our fantasy play *giggles*

Suddenly we got a tp invite from Mistress: She took us to Master Vincent's home ...

... where the four of U/us then played "Naughty Or Nice". In this game one asks the next "Naughty or nice?" and then comes up with a question along the reply - so a naughty question if the reply is "naughty" or a nice one if the reply is "nice"

After some rounds, Mistress asked me: "if you were alone on an island, and hornier than hell, and the only things around you were a coconut and a stick, what would you use and how?"
I didn't know what to imagine and i felt uneasy enough with this entire topic, because even the "nice" questions were about sex, so i replied: "i would use the coconut to hit myself unconcious to prevent me from using this stick as a dildo."

even I cracked up into laughter infront of the monitor. Well after that i did't feel that uneasy anymore - still a bit but it was okay.

After it was time for Master Vincent to log off, Mistress got some IMs that pissed Her off. She sent us home to Temptations, and came a few minutes later, fuming. Someone used His rights to see me on the map to track Her, and claimed then that He wanted to talk to me.. Just strange that i did not even get an IM of Him...

Anyway, She calmed down, and then had a girl to girl time with us.
It was funny - as the girl to girl times always have been funny when She and i were alone. it's a good way to talk and to know each other, Roleplayers would say, it's OOC time: "out of character".
Well, using the RLV - and being a sub in Real Life, i hardly can leave my character of being Her slave - but its way more relaxed than at normal times. It's the time when we are just girl friends.
we talked about problems and about funny things, about likes and dislikes - just like girl friends who don't live D/s.

And then, short before She had to leave to work at Her dancer job, She gave misty her slave-name. As i am gem, she is now onyx.

And isn't an onyx a nice jewel?

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