Jun 13, 2009

Family Trip. Day 1: Sunday

...or, a non-arrival

As i mentioned, i couldn't sleep well - so i logged into and wrote my journal blog, only discontinued by packing our baggage or by preparing O/our meal.
Anyways, when Master Thorin said it's time, i messaged my Mistress to say Good-bye again and to send greetings to Onyx as well.

We went to the election, voted for the party of our choice, then went to the tramway to catch our train.

Unfortunately the building works in our home town delayed the arrival of the tramway at the Main Station, so we didn't catch the train we wanted to catch, and Master Thorin had to re-plan everything and called my parents that we would arrive later: instead of 22:00 at the close town K** (just 2 miles away from R***, where they live) we now would arrive at 22:40 at the main station of the much bigger town Halle, 18 miles away..

They agreed that we would be picked up at a Park&Ride place on a suburb of Halle, and we only had to go there by tramway (including changing tramways at the market place)
Well... the travel was quite event-less, as boring as a travel with 5x changing trains can be. Okay we had a few nice talks with other travellers - and one time we had to run to catch the next train - but in general it was quite eventless...
... until we arrived in Halle.

We just went off the train when my cell-phone rang: my Dad told me that he didn't feel well enough to drive and asked a neighbor to go pick us up. Well, since this didn't seem to be a problem we went to this suburb.

When we arrived in that suburb near midnight, there was no car on the parking lot at the tramway station except a few which had the letters of Halle on their licence plates.
So my fiancee and Master called my parents to ask what happened. After 20 minutes they called back: the neighbor who had agreed to drive to Halle to pick us up got involved in an accident and had to wait for the police to arrive.
Sometimes things really get tough :(

So my Beloved decided that we would return to the Main Station to spend the night there.
But on top of it all, the tramway schedule read that no train would depart until 4:50. Hence, we had to walk.

Both we have spent years in this town, so we knew the shortest way to get to the Main Station, to go there almost as straight as the crow flies.

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