Jun 7, 2009

limit girl, or: How gem was born

I couldn't sleep well tonight, so i woke up after .. uhm, less than 4 hours.

Well ...

But i did dream of the time how i began, so i looked into my notes and found a situation written after my memory. It may not be complete (means i may have forgotten details), but you will get the point.

  • Master Rustie (following: R)
  • my Mistress (following: M)
  • myself (following: i)
It was late after midnight (okay, after sunrise already), on 6th of May '08. I was drunken and bored, so i logged into SL. After some exploring, i found a club where a party was happening.
Of course i attended, invited or not.
The music was nice, it had something of a Goth/medieval ambience - including the outfits of the guests.

Several people i saw had something with SAH in their group tag, so i asked the next person near me, who happened to be a man:

i: So what does SAH mean, Rustie?
R: (bored) look in my profile
i: (surprised) Slave Auction House? And that Master means...
i: ... that you buy, own, and sell slaves?
R: yes it does *smirks*
i: so .. what does a slave have to do, "Master" rustie?
R: *raises an eyebrow* Without " "! It's either Master rustie for my girls or Sir, or rustie if you are equal to me.
i: Hm... okay....
i: sorry if i offended you
R: still interested in finding out what a slave has to do?
i: Uhm... sure
R: then: KNEEL!
i: yes Sir (kneels awkwardly, just hitting the picture-down button, still can't explain why i did so)
R: smiles - well that is interesting
R: can't you properly kneel?
i: no Sir i cant... dont know how to do it
R: you'll learn it... whats your limits, girl?
i: limits, Sir?
R: things you will deny to do no matter what...
i: forced sex, violence, such things, Sir
R: very limited, huh? Hm ... *thinks*
R: follow me

i followed this strange man through the club, until we stopped at a woman. Her group tag read: SAH Mistress - and her name: Lexi Leiner

R: Lexi, i have a gift for you.
M: a gift? Nice! What is it? Where is it?
R: here beside me. (turns to me) Did I say stand up, limit girl?
i: no Sir
R: Then why do you stand? (i "kneel", rolling my eyes in RL: how else should i walk?)
M: limit girl? *wonders*
R: it needs training but has limits
M: lol. be honest how much did you have to pay for her?
R: nothing. she came to Me and asked Me
M: lol. she didn't, did she?
R: yep. (turns to me) girl, tell Mistress Lexi how it was
i: yes Sir. Mistress, I asked Sir to teach me what it means to be a slave on SL.


Well, She accepted this gift which was i, and began to teach me.

I thought it was just a strange role-play game - but it was more... so very much more.

It was my entry into the lifestyle i live now, a step i never ever regretted.

I cannot thank Master Rustie enough for having given me to my Mistress as a gift - and i cannot thank my Mistress enough for having accepted me as Her slave. Mistress, i love you so much.

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