Jun 4, 2009

"Jona"/ "Involuntary Females"

As i mentioned in my post "Who is gem?", I'm currently working on entirely re-writing my story "Involuntary Females", and simply gave it the working title "Jona" after it's main character.

What is this story about?
Well the disclaimer at hints it already:
"This is a story about body transformation into other shapes, including gender. It contains scenes of bondage and other things which are not suitable for minors. This entire series is a work of pure fiction, although inspired by a lot of other stories written by talented authors. All institutions, people and situations are fictitious, and any similarity to real institutions, people and situations is purely coincidental."
But this is only a hint. Who actually IS Jona?
Jona was born a boy in Kansas, and had a twin sister. As children the twins had fun to cross-dress to make everyone else confusing each twin with the other one ... until a bad incident happened while they were being in each other's identity.
Since then the former boy John is forced to live the life of his sister Joanna, and even got a new name by his adoptive mother: Jona. That he was transformed by a skinsuit, making him appear as a real girl, of course doesn't help to regain his male identity.
Now this story is about Jona and her friends, her life as teen and as adult, and her adventures during her and her friends' fight against a system that allows disconsensual slavery and exploitation of women in a reality where such skinsuits are used and misused regularly for both, temporary and permanent transformations.

To use skinsuits (or bodysuits) as transformation tools is an inspiration i got after i read the works of Mark McDonald - a great writer, by the way.
And his idea with the skinsuits really hit me the very right moment when i was struggling to make my story work: but then, *ha!*, there it was: the ultimate recipe to explain all temporary and permanent transformations in my story without using magic.

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