Jul 18, 2009

Living in the Past?

I pondered about the Zen comic in my last post - the panel where Sensei Tsuru says:
"I left that young woman at the river, why do you still carry her?"
I admit it IS difficult to not think of things that happened in the past when i am confronted with all the things reminding me of them ...
And i also know it would be easier to just look forward and say "this or that chapter is CLOSED, i will not open it anymore"...
But wouldn't it be too ignorant as well? I don't know though i'm trying.

"To live completely in the moment" - what a difficult way of life!

1 comment:

  1. I have tried the - This chapter is closed approach - and it simply does not work.
    There are some things in life that affect us in a profound way, so profound that
    they will always be with us until we die. To ignore them would be foolish. What
    we are today, how we feel, how we react with all that surrounds us is based on
    our entire life experience, none of which can be ignored because its a closed
    chapter. The chapter will never be closed properly. what may not be a good idea is
    to dwell too much on the past experience such that is makes you feel bad in the NOW
    all the time.