Jul 17, 2013

just a THANK YOU. :)

Since I already revealed in the chat that I've been suffering from a severe depression (for many years, by the way), and that I've been in the hospital since June 11 to get psychological help, I think it's just about time to thank all of you here - and all of those who know me from inworld - for your (in most cases) unknowing help and support during the years I've been in SL and here on SLU.

Those of you who met me inworld only saw the mask I always used to wear when among people, and those of you who only have read me here in the forums prolly never imagined that I've been in that mood - but nonetheless y'all did manage to make me smile and laugh when I needed it most, managed to infect me with your optimism to keep on going, managed to help me wave away the dark thoughts -- even though you did not know how down I really felt because I always tried to hide it.

I know that a THANK YOU isn't enough, but I'm really grateful for what you did. Y'all (and some others who don't even know that SLU exists) literally saved my life quite a few times unknowingly, and helped me to finally go seek the professional help I'm getting now in the first place.

Thank you all for your love, support and care.

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