May 8, 2012

4 YEARS !!!

Is there even one M/s relationship in SL that has been that long in a row?
It was four years ago that a bored girl went into a bar, and by chance stepped on the way that  is the most awesome life-style on Earth. As I wrote long time ago: Limit girl or how gem was born

Thank you very much, dear Mistress, for been with me during all these years. For Your leadership, Your teaching, Your faith in me, Your encouragement. For the dedication, trust, love, and inspiration You've given and taught me.
After all these years, I am still both thankful and proud to be Your slave.


  1. Never could words express the beauty held within the heart of a girl who gives herself to One as a slave. Never could words express the deepest warmth and joy a Mistress feels when She looks to the one who sits so dedicated.
    But as I tell My girl, one must always try. So let me try to convey to you, Mine, what this means to Me.
    To have you in My life, in My world, to have you within my heart, has done nothing but enhance the vibrancy of everything that I experience. You make My life richer even when you are not at My foot.
    Gem, My dear, you are a treasure that I can not imagine not shining on everything you touch. And that I get to recieve any of your loveliness I am most honored.
    I have loved you since the day you said yes to My collar and I will love you until...

    My girl that tear you are feeling now, let it fall, for when it does, I will take your tear gently from upon your face and i shall place it amoung the stars to shine, for a tear given with such beauty and grace should shine for all to see.
    I love you Mine, * gently kisses your forehead, stroking your cheek* "Mine, always"

    1. To my readers: This comment above was written by my Mistress, and i'm very grateful She took the time and read this post.

      And though i did express my gratefulness inworld already, i'll say it here again: Thank you very much for being who you are - and, my Mistress, for being what you are for me. Even though your girl is a writer, words can't fully describe what i feel.
      I love you, Mistress - and i hope this relationship will remain as long as The Powers That Be allow us. "Mine, always", You said - and i don't want to be anything else.